Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Self Leadership Day 1: School of Inspired Leadership

Starting from today is a journey which I know is going to be really interesting. “Lead yourself”  is what the self leadership series by Anil Sachdev Sir is going to focus on.
The story telling exercise made us all realise that “We are all the narrative of our Life.” Therefore choose the language, tone and incidents very carefully and see the difference J. In a group of 6 we shared our life stories till now. Each member got five minutes each to narrate their stories. Few of the learning from this exercise are as follows:
1)      There has always been a spiritual or divine intervention in people’s life in someway.
2)      Childhood has been special for almost everyone in the group.
3)      Each one has a story and future goal to achieve.
4)      Everyone had a turning point which made them learn more.
5)      Everything that has happened has been for good.
6)      Each one is striving in their own way to do good for themselves and for others.
There are 7 levels of consciousness which Humans undergo to achieve the 7th innermost level.
Going from the Outer circle to the innermost they are as follows:
1)      Perceptional Inteligence: Outermost Circle.  It comes from the body has all the five senses which perceive and gather data. The more observant one is the more data one will have.
2)      Breathe Leadership:  Second circle. It makes us learn how to breathe and let the past life instinct not interfere us in this life. Yoga helps us to control our breathe and have a balanced aptitude.
3)      Emotional Intelligence: It is the third circle of emotions. It is how we relate to people and how deep relationships we can have. “Jag Jeeta to Mann Jeeta” is how we need to deal with this intelligence. It makes us too emotional to sound logical.  Your ability to balance the emotional mind is the best way to be a self leader. Equipoise/ Stitha Pragnya is what we should try to strive for . It is the ability to lead through the polarity of the opposites.
4)      Intellectual Mind: It is the fourth circle which turns the data gathered from circle one to meaningful information and then to knowledge. It helps us to lead our intellectual self. It helps us in decision making and realising your “SANKALP”
5)      Ego: It is the fifth circle which manifests anger, lust, attachment, jealousy. We should conquer our Ego and lead.
6)      Wisdom Leadership:  It is the sixth circle which comes into play when one has conquered the Ego and has turned into a wise leader.
7)      “I” Consciousness: It is that innermost circle which helps to realise the unlimited potential of all human beings. It opens all to creativity and to realise the full potential. It makes one realise that there are infinite possibilities.
All these circles interact with one and another and are interconnected.
If one can realise in practise the above circles then probably the CAUSE that drives one would be more clear. One would lead for that cause and the whole eternity will come closer to get the cause fulfilled. I am really loving the self-leadership series and to apply it in my life.

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