Saturday, September 17, 2011

Right or Wrong – THE TRUTH

Do not we all find ourselves gripped in an everlasting question of what is right and what no so right/wrong?
Life throws on us a double or at times multiple options to choose from and to decide the right thing.

There is nothing right or wrong. In this world each one ofus is a unique creature with unique socializing environment that moulded us. It thus gavein the unique culture of our own i.e. our personality. Hence, we all think inour own way when a matter pops up. More of us who are adapted to the pre-conditions popped intoour young minds when we were tiny tots would behave same. Some of those wholearnt most of the things by their own thinking processes usually do not followthe lot. They might be called rebels but are the most creative people usually. Theymight not adhere to the things supposed to be RIGHT by the culture of thatplace as they may be in a process to form a completely different culture. A NEWWAY FORWARD from the way usually labelised as WRONG. We should think more on this.

The only truth is live life to the fullest with
passion for whatever one thinks is his life`s mission
on earth!!! The only truth is that there is no truth. It
is a matter of perspectives because of the life situations.

Comments anyone?


  1. One would realize the truth and what is right and wrong only if one believes in an all pervasive supreme entity, which one calls God or by any other name.

    That God cannot be proven but can be experienced as s/he shows her/himself in many ways

    by Reason (Philosophically)
    thro' Experience (Existentially)
    thro' History (Empirically)
    thro' Emotion (Relationally)
    thro' Scriptures (Propositionally)and
    thro' Incarnation (Personally)

    Kuruvilla (

  2. you r right NUPUR, we have several examples for what u r writing here, but question of right and wrong doing arising b'coz all those people who leave predefined path and wants to move in their own way they GENERALLY lead to failures b'coz it takes a long time and experience to know where paths are leading you,
    parents and other people always push u the path they follow, b'coz they know it may not lead u to peak of success but take to you at a OK position,

    it never means that we should always follow predefined trends of doing anything, but we should always involve experience in our dreams and show the world a completely new world, new way :)

    i like your post :)