Friday, June 28, 2013

Self Leadership Day 4: Make better Decisions (School of Inspired Leadership)

27th June 2013
Self Leadership lesson today was mostly related to the art of taking decisions. It was about the mysterious ways in which the minds plays with us so let us control it or rather know it more deeply. Human Brain has two parts – Left part which helps to analyse or the masculine brain and Right part which is led by emotions or the feminine part. Leaders who use both the analytical and emotional side of brain are self leaders who know to weigh both sides of the brain.
The Analytical Ability which the left brain is known for is mostly inherited. It is your genes which give you analytical ability. Good Education and training can help you to improve on this part. It is your parent’s gift to you. There are basically the following ways in which one can develop analytical skills:
1)      Create a frame: it is understanding the most critical question behind the problem. One should ask the right questions as it is more important than getting the right answers. Life is to ask the right questions, fix them and move ahead.
2)      Get meaningful & reliable information through various sources
3)      Several creative and doable alternatives
4)      Criteria in terms of risks and returns
5)      Check on values and trade offs if any
6)      Prepare for implementation
Feedback is required at every step of the above steps.
One can you X-matrix method, Snake Board method diagram and much more to come up with more analytical decisions.

The Creative emotional brain has the childlike inquisitiveness. It is full of creativity and has direct connection to the consciousness. It is mostly curbed down due to fears of several types and people’s creativity dies as they grow. The good news is that one can become creative at anytime in life J The only need is to cope up with the below five kind of fears which one may/may not have:
1)      Fear of failure: Mostly parents instill it in their wards unknowingly.
2)      Fear of Criticism
3)      Fear of Ambiguity: Mostly people want things in black and white everytime which is not possible in real life.
4)      Fear of Lack of Time & resources
5)      Fear of nature which is also called as starved sensibility.

One should meditate on their fears and try to get rid of them.
Be a leader and lead your brain J

(Courtesy: Mr. Anil Sachdev-CEO, School of Inspired Leadership, Self leadership trainer)

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