Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Self Leadership Day 2: School Of Inspired Leadership

 Emotions and feelings are the root cause of all happiness and sadness in this world. With a world full of experiences which are profound in developing our own personalities takes us through emotions which make us learn lessons for a life time. 
Our emotional mind gets it’s data from the five senses to see, listen, touch, smell and taste.  Positive emotions motivate us and keep us happy and energy is conserved in the body to do more. Negative emotions drain us of energy and in turn our productivity and happiness reduces. The emotional mind senses the data and sends it to the intellectual mind to comprehend it. There should be a sync between the emotional and the intelligent mind to reach that state of Equipoise which is a great quality of a self leader. It helps a leader to tap into all the abilities beyond he/she ever imagined. This in turn keeps the Spirit lord within us to be nearer to the purposes we are born with.
Emotional mind controls the five senses and hence the way it receives or rather perceives can also change. An emotional mind gives the strength from being a victim to a victor who can achieve anything he/she thinks they want to. It helps us to connect with the internal energy which we often forget about which is the OMKAR, Krishna, Allah. Equipoise state acts as a charioteer where we control our own supreme character to understand and to do what is right.
Emotional mind generates the following  C’s in a person. They are 1) Character, 2) Commitment, 3) Confidence. Organisations too realise the potential of the emotional mind in maintaining equilibrium in the organisation. Vision/Strategy represent the Gyan Yoga and represent one end of tasks. The other end is Body/Execution or rather Karma Yoga which carries out these tasks. The middle balancing point is the leadership/emotional mind or Bhakti yoga. The balance point should generate positivity in the organisation so that both the ends remain in alignment.
Commitment of the heart is necessary before someone  start anything. To build emotional connect is important to engage people at emotional level. It builds TRUST.
In a listening exercise where there was an interaction between ego and altar ago there was a learning that we can comprehend only approximately 10% of what someone really intends to express. The law of floatation works here as well. To understand what floats below the ocean we need to be more trustworthy for each other. Also a calm and peaceful mind listens better. In a way if you ooze out positivity by controlling your sense of listening then you can be a better leader. Take each day as a new beginning and forgive.
The emotional mind with positivity can help us to listen better, enhance the warmthness in us, help us to respect others without being judgemental and can make us a genuine person in whom people can trust. It can thereby help us in both interpersonal and intrapersonal communication to be more self aware. If you ever feel that you are alone then shout to yourself, “I AM NOT ALONE, GOD IS WITH ME” and there you have a relationship for a lifetime.
Emotional mind is which determines our joys. Pleasure with awareness equals joy. When we work with our gifts then joy comes due to our inherent nature. Just try to identify your gifts and work with them. Try to seek everyday what have you done for your happiness. It is your birthright to be joyful .  Let us be happy first to spread that all around as that is what the basic human need is for. Cater to your emotional potential of being in a state of bliss and rest for all times to come.

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