Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Self Leadership Day 3 : Emotional Leadership (School Of Inspired Leadership)

The Self Leadership class today was a unique exercise as it brought our cohort closer to each other as one community. Each one appeared in a state of trance after the exercise of EMOTIONAL CATHARSIS got over. We will come to that exercise in detail but before that it is important to know what led to that exercise.
Anil Sachdeva Sir started with a general notion that it is a basic human tendency to see what is wrong and to crib about that. Only few saints have the power to see the goodness in all even in a dacoit. Certainly normal human mind has the natural tendency to crib. We start with cribbing and it gives some sort of satisfaction but a lot of it can actually lead to depression. There are various kinds of depressions too in which BIPOLAR DEPRESSION is something in which a person feels violent at on point and happy at another point. It all happens since human mind has a flipside to its good side.
We also came to know that there are three states of being which are unconscious, sub-conscious and conscious level. Most of the sadness that exist comes from UNSTATED EMOTIONAL EXPECTATIONS. These expectations create an URGE and we feel that things are out of our control. Though these EXPECTATIONS lead to sadness mainly due to GUILT or REGRET which one starts having.  Most of the great leaders are not being able to reach their VISION is due to emotional expectations which they are enslaved to.
Here is when Emotional Catharsis comes as a tool to get rid of something that is bothering and to clean up all the pent up emotions by sharing it with people who can confide. It is an important way to lead your mind. We started Emotional Catharsis in our cohort with three rules that we will not JUDGE anyone, will listen patiently, will keep the confidentiality inside the class. We know we all have a bright and a dark side so it was time to reveal the darker side. It was also an exercise to built a community which is Community in Unity.
The process started with we forming a small circle where Anil Sir looked at each one and prayed though I thought it was some sort of Hypnotism J The circle created a vibration of energy where each one of us was ready to reveal our saddest part. First one to reveal was Anil Sir himself so that the process starts as he showed that being a leader even he is vulnerable. Anil Sir’s confessions were direct from heart and it touched us all and few of us already started crying. We were in groups of 5 sitting around a circular table. Each ones story of their confessions was very different and touchy. Be it boy or girl we all related with the stories in someway and had tears in our eyes. Like happiness even sadness is contagious as observed by Shweta later. In those moments of confessions we hardly thought about the outside world but were happy in the small world around the table. Lot of trust, emotions, sharing happened. All that sadness we offered to the fire of the candle which was lit infront of us. Those moments of revelation will be cherished by me forever. THAT TABLE AND ITS MEMBERS ARE SPECIAL TO ME NOW.

Learning from this whole exercise is that most of the sadness that one has is due to some kind of loss where one could have done something but one did not or was unable to. It was at times due to lack of efforts and at time due to situations beyond ones control. So no matter what happened and what is happening there is always HOPE a bright Hope to FIGHBACK and return to your brighter side. No matter how bad it all went? how many times you failed? But there is a place where you can always go and be what you really are and that place is YOUR OWN FAMILY.  Indian Family tradition is why our society is so resilient as we used to have these communities where we shared in family. So let us spread this word to the entire world to learn this from India so that lots of stress, depression and sadness can find no place. Let us lead the world with the light to brighten up your family life for peace and harmony. 

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