Thursday, February 26, 2009


Myriad of images circle around me as I sit in train right now. India as a country is full of wonderful contrasts, I have read this very often and today experienced it myself.Although I have been in train so many times but never observed the things so closely.
People around me right now sometimes make me think,laugh,understand,adjust,irritate,feel pitty.A jargoan of such emotions can be felt in an Indian train journey.It is again a great place to learn things meant for a Life journey.It is such an overwhelming experience.
Right now I am hearing my favourite song and I can hear an uncle too enjoying it and singing it along :) This Uncle is a business man who joined us from Hyderabad. He wants herdaughter to be a Tennis Player(I felt so good when he told me and could see a glitter in his eyes).Hail Uncle!!
A cute Muslim couple are taking care of their 6 months daughter so wonderfully that is beyond imagination. The guy is helping her wife change the nappies of the baby. Indiachanging....We need more men who can understand their wives and love their daughters. My father too loves us so much.Love you too papa!!
The silent Nepali sitting beside me is very adjusting. I can learn from him how to never offend anyone and do self sacrifice even on small issues.People so modest are very rare these days.
Now there are 3 people left about whom I will right after crossing Lucknow station.We have just left the Kanpur station. Basti is just 7 hours away...yipee!!
.............Well the journey got over long back and today I got to right about the other 3 left people and now I am back to Hyderabad. Didi`s Shaadi went well :)2 among the left ones were 2 Ladies who were so lithargic that I wondered why they ever exist as they did nothing but slept all through the journey. What a waste of life!!
Last but the most special is Mr. Ramanna.We just started talking and it lead us to so many different topics of discussion. Very lively and healthy discussion we had.Came to know that both of us were interested in spirituality. He is a veteran while I am just a novice. The knowledge which I got from him through discussion was phenominal.I came to know about so many baffling questions that always knocked. He gifted me a book on spirituality (he said that usually he never gives such books to people as they cannot understand such things.). Thank you Mr. Ramanna for giving me so much of respect and trust. Hope to meet you again sometime!!
So such is life where people come and go but some leave marks which we will never forget but would love to remember all our life through.


  1. incredible India.

    I like the new ad of incredible India.
    Wherever you go it is incredible..

  2. U r on a roll dear.........meeting and observing ppl, and already taking up the new role as a trainer is gonna help u analyze more of us now. And best of luck with ur spirituality

  3. Yes GD...i hope India truelly becomes incredible one day!!!

    Thanks amit :) I wish I can continue all this

  4. True. Glad you could write it. So many times we meet people but hardly ever take notice. To have captured them is an achievement. Great going.

  5. your observation power is running a car on road ..........don't stop it!