Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time has been judgemental ..eversince its existence is known ;)

Do not you feel so?.......TIME just the word seems so common even in the illiterates...why?
I think it is because it affects and judges us all. Its impact is wide enough to neglect its name "TIME".

The galaxies, the stars, the a whole has been judged by time. Their states depict the impact and the judgment of time on them. Beautiful and ruthless TIME can be at times :)

As they say about the mutual existence of things good vs evil, love vs hate....I was wondering who can oppose the merciless judgments of time?????.........there is something :) that can ditch time and we all can escape from the judgments of time........The Black holes

Wish we had something to switch between both of that we can give a nice TIME to TIME looking for got me right "The time machine"


  1. A lot of them talk about TIMING; presence that snap of time...

    i have heard... its all about timing. !!

  2. that is why you capture such beautiful pics just at the RIGHT TIME :)

  3. "Main Samay Hoon" before the Mahabharata serial had similar thoughts..

    Leo Tolstoy said: Power is current. Live now".

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  7. I find myself 'Physics'ly hurt by this confusion of TIME and Black Hole. Someone is being deeply emotional and scientifically rational at same time; guys dont run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

  8. Its difficult to be emotional and rational at the same time but if I am....I give my self a pat on back ;)...hahahaaha

  9. First of all being emotional and being rational need not be antagonistic to each other...being practical can be...
    Emotions can b equally inherent to things rational as well NON-rational.
    2NDLY,Nups i xpect some more clarity on it..
    U r on right track...towards the end i failed to understand...
    Of-course it cud be due to my own inefficiency as well .