Tuesday, February 3, 2009

God`s own child

Do not you feel sometimes that you are HIS favourite. I do feel it at many a times. It is just that Gods way of showing his love and care is different. He gives you a hope each time you miss on something. If you do not identify it then its your folly.

Destiny is one thing but the path to destiny is already defined by him and I can see him smiling at me as I am writing this sentence. Trust me really!!!

Not always HE does good as nobody is perfect and neither Him. He tries to balance the things and sometimes giving little more to his loved souls who are less impure than others. I am blessed that he keeps on Gifting me things which I never expect. Thank you for your surprises and miracles.....Now I like them.....Thanks for being there.......I love you and I know I am your favourite and treasured child :)


  1. Hhmm..
    What kind of face do you see of the GOD.

    Sometimes I see Mahabharat serial Krishna face when he comes in my dream smiling :)

  2. hahahaha....well I can see a face that is at peace and smiling...I have not seen him anywhere..may be Shiv ji

  3. good thinking...and a good feel of the omnipotent...