Monday, February 2, 2009

No control.....of what is up!

Sometimes it happens that we THINK we have all the required ingredients to be happy forever. There is nothing like F.O.R.E.V.E.R......I beleive now that we only LIVE IN our own dreams when life conspires. Life says to you, "Madame! you have had enough good time....Now it is time for me to play with you.". The mockery of all your dreams and thinking can be seen together and that too may be JUST BY YOU. You will have no control then and the events will unfold themseleves and open up like Pandora`s Box. Each along with a sigh and a smirk would show you what have you been doing or for what......I bet you would learn the lessons of a Lifetime for time to come and only this would be FOREVER WITH YOU.
Hence, Dream a lot if you want to learn lessons from Life.


  1. First of all - Congrats & Welcome to the world of blogging! Its the most convenient way of keeping a diary I think :)

    No doubt there is a superior power at play who decides when to change gears and you cant muddle with that intervention. Lessons learnt are difficult to imbibe but not impossible.

  2. Good one... Seems to be understanding the 'PSYCHOLOGY' of life... good going... c u soon...- Atul.